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Pet-friendly holiday lets near beaches in England where dogs are allowed

beaches where dogs are allowed

The list of beaches below is of beaches in England that permit dogs. Many beaches permit dogs from September until May, outside the main holiday season.

The Isle of Wight is a supremely dog friendly holiday destination. The main beaches allow dogs September to May plus there is a host of natural beaches that are perfect for dogs.

Weymouth Beach

Popularly known among the travellers as well as the locals as ‘England’s Bay of Naples’, Weymouth beach is one of the most beautiful beaches present in the region where you can have a good time with your dog. The golden sand covering the area along with safe nothing waters just add to the glitter that already exists in the beach. The commercial countryside that surrounds the beach consists of several self-catering cottages with dog friendly modern amenities for the travellers who come here with their loyal friends. However, there are sign boards planted at different regions of the beach with instructions for the travellers to follow. The beach kiosks present here serve travellers with buckets and spades to have fun whereas children can enjoy their time with ice creams and other snacks.

It is during the summers travellers can find donkey rides as well as other water activities like boating with swing boats or trampolines here. The lifeguards here also make sure that travellers remain safe and do not cross the safety limit. Weymouth beach is a dog friendly beach for sure but there is a dog ban for a limited period that starts from 1st May and extends till 30th September. However, you can find a separate section for dogs at Pavilion end of the Preston beach. Your friend will also be welcomed at Newton’s Cove beach, which is located at the southern part of the town.

Branscombe Beach and dogs welcome cottages in Devon

Located in the eastern part of Devon is the natural location of Branscombe, which is popular for its dog friendly sightseeing attractions especially the Branscombe pebble beach. This beach offers a special place for the dog to walk along with their owners and to have a time of their life. The special walk in the beach is located along the cliff-tops but these areas do not allow dogs in between the months of May to September. Near to the Branscombe beach is the Ness Cove Beach that allows dogs all round the year. There are several dog friendly self-catering cottages located around the beach region that offers a home like environment to the travellers and their pet. Other than the pet friendly stay options here, there are many dog friendly pubs too that welcome dogs too like ‘The Anchor Inn’, which offers a beach facing garden where dogs can have the time of their lives.

Branscombe beach, which is also considered as one of the top beaches present in England requires the travellers to keep their dogs in leads to avoid problem to other families. There are authorized personnel who petrol around the area to keep a check on the travellers. Failure to follow rules of the beach may invite heavy fines from the travellers.

Perranporth Beach

Located on the North Cornish coast of the Cornwall County is the Perranporth Beach, which is a huge sandy beach where dogs are allowed most of the times of the year. Perranporth Beach is popular for its dog friendly characteristics but the travellers are required to keep their friend in leads within the specified limits. Near to the Perranporth Beach is the Trevaunance Cove, which is also a dog friendly beach but the only restriction related to pets are that dog owners have to keep their pets in leads in the months of July and August. Perranporth Beach is counted among some of the best poet friendly beaches that are suited for a family holiday but there have been recent talks of a possible ban too, which is why travellers are advised to check the local travel office so that they can get proper instructions regarding pet management.

Bamburgh Beach on the north east English coast.

One of the best locations to explore the sand dunes is the Bamburgh Beach, which is a dog friendly location in Northumberland. The climatic conditions of the beach remain cold for most of the year, which is why travellers are advised to bring along suitable clothing for them as well as their pet dog. One of the popular sightseeing attractions present here is the Bamburgh Castle, which is visited by travellers all round the year. Around 3 miles away from the beach is the Seahouse, which makes a great walkway for the travellers along with their dogs. The water of this beach is clear but the facilities available here are minimal compared to other beaches present in England. There are parking facilities available right opposite to the castle for the travellers along with several self-catering cottages that offer all sorts of dog friendly amenities.

Danes Dyke

Situated on the south of Yorkshire County that is in the region of Flamborough Headland is the dog friendly beach by the name of Danes Dyke. This beach is smaller in size compared to other beaches present in England, what makes it a complete holiday destination are the rock pools, woodland, and beautiful cliffs that makes it perfect for your pets to have a ball around. Some of the things worth seeing in the region include the avian species of birds that prove to be a delight for the group of bird watchers who come here all round the year. There are several boards planted on different parts of the beach that have instruction for the dog owners to follow and any failure to follow the same may invite fine upon you. The travellers are advised to visit the local office of the place to get all the necessary information with regards to pet management and care. Some of the places located here like the local Natural reserve of the place require the owner to keep the pet in leads so that your friend does not create a problem for anyone else.

Whitby Beach

Located in the county of North Yorkshire is the pet friendly beach of Whitby Beach, which is regarded as one of the most exotic location you can find in England to enjoy with your pet. However, the southern part of the beach has certain restrictions in the summers for the pet as well that the owner should take care of. The northern area can prove to be one of the best places for you and your loyal friend to enjoy and make the best of the holidays spent here. Located near to the same beach is another perfect holiday destination for you and your friend is the Filey Beach but the summer seasons here follow with a temporary dog ban on the beach area. It is because of the large and easily accessible features of this beach, it is considered as a perfect pet friendly destination to explore with your pet.
Those who are planning for a long holiday with their friends will be glad to know that there are several pet friendly self-catering accommodations located near to the beach region. However, it is advised the traveller should contact the local tourist office and the self-catering cottages to make sure, if they welcome dogs or not. There is several food stalls located near to the beach along with donkey rides for you to enjoy but make sure you carry a bag along with you so that you can clean up after your pet. Near to the Whitby Beach is a small sheltered beach that is located within the Whitby harbour popularly known as Tate Hill Beach.

Holkham beach in East Anglia

Holkham is a place located in the region of Norfolk, which is popular among the locals as well as the tourists for its natural lagoons and pet friendly beaches that are visited by travellers from different parts of the world all round the year. Travellers find the Holkham beach very suitable for themselves and their pet dog, as their friends are welcomed here as long as they are kept in leads. Popular for being one of the most unspoilt beaches present in England, the Holkham beach is also said to be one of the largest natural reserves present in the United Kingdom. Travellers before enjoying their holiday with their loyal friend are advised to visit the local travel office to gather information on pet care and the places where the pets are allowed. The sightseeing attractions located near to the beach region includes the Holkham National Nature Reserve that accommodated some of the rare species of both animal and birds and the best part is that the place also welcomes dogs with a condition that their owners keep them in leads. Just near to this dog friendly beach is the beautiful Wells Beach that does not allow dogs and violation of the rule invite fines too.

Whitstable Beach in Kent.

The small seaside town located in the region of Kent that is Whitstable is one of the most popular travel destinations present in England. Whitstable in actual is a small fishing town popular for its beautiful oysters and dog friendly beaches, which proves to be an absolute delight for your loyal friend. The pebbled beaches of Whitstable offer a perfect environment to your friend to be absolutely free. It is because of the high quality and the environment of the beach, safety facilities, management and the water, the beach has been awarded a blue flag. It should also be noted that in between the months of May and September in the beach do not welcome dog without leads.

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