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Pet friendly holiday lets for a last minute New Year break

pet friendly holiday lets New Year last minuteIt certainly does not take long for that 365 day trip around the sun to complete its full circle. Before we know it, we are celebrating the start of another new year. There is no better way to wipe the slate clean and start all over again than with a last- minute stay in a quaint little pet friendly cottage by the sea or nestled deep into beautiful countryside, accompanied by your dog. The last two weeks of December were probably hectic, all that running around like a headless chicken as you shopped til you dropped, baked til you ached, decorated the house, wrapped presents, sang Christmas carols, attended xmas parties and queued for hours in shops to meet the December 25th deadline. A new year break may be just what you need to morph back into the person you were before Father Christmas graced the scene. Some time away with your pet will help to replenish those frayed nerves and in no time at all, you will return to the patient, kind owner you once were.

Rent a New Year pet-friendly holiday let

See in the New Year strolling along the beach with doggie by your side or ambling through the countryside where you can strengthen that owner/pet bond which may have been slightly broken in the run up to Christmas. This is you and doggy time now so go give him a great big hug, a treat, a tickle on his favourite spot and feel the tension and stress fading away. Take in a good deep breath of crisp, invigorating air and relax… admire all that open space. This may be just what you need to refuel and gain inspiration for the future. Search for self-catering holiday lets where dogs are permitted to stay, and you will be well on your way to a memorable holiday when the new year begins.

Give your dog the gift of new scents and sensations

Last December your dog may have been subjected to the same boring walk day in, day out but try not to feel guilty for he still experienced that same level of joy from ‘walkies’. Having said that, notice how excited he is at the new sights, sounds and smells which are all wrapped up in the new scenery? Hmmm, I feel a new year resolution coming on…why not make a promise that there will be a lot more new and exciting walks ahead? Not only will this be of great benefit to your pet, it will also improve your physical and mental health too. Invest in a good pair of walking boots and sniff out those unfamiliar trails, parks, neighbourhoods, side streets and forests…A last minute holiday in a pets welcome cottage or cabin provides the opportunity to venture out to pastures new whenever the mood strikes!

Get out and about in the countryside over New Year

New Year out and about with dogsAs your pooch bounds over fallen tree trunks, lunges up steep slopes and squeezes through tiny crevices, you will see just how athletic he really is. So how about a bit of team building with your furry friend? Check out the area to see if there are any dog agility classes nearby or put a note in your diary to check out classes when you return home. How much fun would it be to direct your little rascal through tunnels, tires and weave poles…the mission? To reach that tasty treat which you are dangling along the way. What better way to start the new year than to watch your canine companion chase after his desires and reach them!

A New Year Treat for your dog

As you pull out that old toy from your pocket, why not take a trip to the local pet store near your holiday accommodation and buy your dog something new to play with, something that he hasn’t seen before. There were so many people on your Christmas list, you probably forgot about your pet. Fear not, your bow wow is not one to bear grudges, he will love something different to chew, chase or leap on. Although playtime is about exercise, you should also stimulate those doggy brain cells. How about teaching an old dog (or a new dog) some new tricks? Or what about an interactive game such as tug of war, frisbee or hide and seek?

To keep energy levels up, you might also want to look at your canine’s diet. Have you been so busy lately that you have fallen into the habit of simply pouring food into his bowl without measuring the quantity? Your dog could be taking in more calories than he really needs. Make it an aim to dispense portions that are suitable for his age and size. With all that healthy exercise and eating in check, you could significantly increase the lifespan of your four-legged friend.

New Year in a holiday cottage

Yes, Christmas is over and now you are spending the new year with your beautiful pet. What does he ask from you? Affection, cuddles, fun-time…nothing more, this is all he requires and in return he gives you immense love, a love so deep that it does not require words, for it is felt from his heart.

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