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Get away for a last minute break in the Scottish Borders with your dogs

pet friendly holidays Scottish Borders

Scottish borders on holiday with dogsPlanning a holiday in the Scottish Borders with dogs

Planning a getaway isn’t always something you need to spend weeks and months doing. Sometimes, when you get those itchy feet, it’s only natural that you’d want to find a last minute escape that suits the whole family, plus the dogs. After all, why shouldn’t you guys indulge yourselves now and then? You work hard and, frankly, you deserve to have a much-needed break when you want one.

When it comes down to it, there are many things that you need to consider when it comes to planning your next break. While many people choose to put their dogs away in kennels, most find that the thought of a break without their pooch is upsetting. If you’re a dog lover, you treat your little pup like one of the family and there’s really no reason that it should miss out on all the fun.

Luckily for you, there are many dogs welcome cottages out there that you can choose to hire. What’s more, the beautifully rural Scottish Borders offer a wealth of things for both your family and your dog to enjoy. From long scenic walks to incredibly awe-inspiring views, there’s honestly something for everyone. One aspect of holidaying with a dog is that much of the time is taken up walking and that does not take a vast amount of planning. It often suffices to have a short discussion about attractive places to walk with the accommodation owner or other holidaymakers on arrival. Before booking your next escape, here are just a few little reasons that you ought to opt for a dog-friendly cottage in the Scottish Borders.


Home comforts away from home


One of the things that truly worries a lot of people when they go away is whether they will get the right level of comfort for them. At home, you’ll have gotten used to a certain way of doing things and having all the basic commodities that you need. That’s why, when you choose to rent a cottage for a short break, you need to do a little research. There’s no doubt that the most important thing for you and your family is having all you need in the rental itself.

Thankfully, our dog-friendly cottages are ideal for a large or small family. With large, spacious kitchens, luxurious sleeping areas, and stunning sitting rooms, you will never once be let down. There is more than enough room for your dog to rest in the house in between taking long walks in the country with the family. We strive to ensure that each and every cottage is fully kitted out with all the things that you could possibly need. From roaring fireplaces to quaint furnishings, you will simply fall head-over-heels in love with the place from the instant you arrive.

Explore the Scottish Borders from your pet-friendly holiday let


When you and your dog choose to stay in this picturesque place, you will never once be disappointed. There’s a reason that people come back here time and time again. The Scottish Borders is the main entrance to Scotland from England. Here, you will find beautifully rolling hills, miles and miles of countryside, and stunning landmarks.

One of the greatest things about this area is the fact that it has so many scenic walks. After you’ve rented one of our fabulous dog friendly cottages here, you will be free to explore the land and see new things in the area. It’s well worth checking out some of the rambling routes in the local district. Having a brisk walk across the hilltops is certainly something that both you and your dog would find exhilarating. With 1800 square miles from which to choose, you’re sure to find a place here that suits you!

Pure flexibility for your family


Of course, when you stay in a hotel, there are certain rules to which you have to adhere. For example, you may have to be in the building by a certain time in the night or eat breakfast when it’s served. Well, it’s time to change the way that you enjoy your holidays. When you rest out an entire cottage space, it means that you have the ultimate level of flexibility in your stay. You can choose to share the space with as many or few people as you like, which means that you are in total control.

What’s more, our dogs welcome cottages boast massive areas in which you can relax with your nearest and dearest. Each comes with a fully functioning kitchen, and so you will find that you have complete control over the cooking. Imagine having a delicious fry-up before heading out into the Scottish Borders! If your pup is lucky, you might even want to throw them a few of the scraps. That way, the entire family will be fed and ready for a day outside enjoying the rural life.

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