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Pet friendly holiday lets in Colwyn Bay - North Wales

Colwyn bay

If Colwyn Bay, on the north coast of Wales, is where you’re wanting to go on your family holiday, there are plenty of pet-friendly accommodation options that will suit everyone, no matter whether they're human or animal. Just east of Llandudno, Colwyn Bay has a long fine sandy beach - perfect for families wanting to dig for Britain.

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Comfortable pet-friendly holiday lets in Colwyn Bay

Obviously, when you’re going away on holiday, everyone enjoys a bit of luxury. If that is something you want, looking to stay in a coastal cottage in Colwyn Bay may be the perfect solution for you. Comfortable, spacious and often easily accessible, they are perfect for anyone, whether you need extra access or not. Staying on the beach is perfect for letting the kids play, dog walking or just to be able to look at the breath-taking views, staying in one of these cottages will really set this holiday apart from any other you’ve had. The beaches are perfect for walking your dog or letting them just run free for a while, but if beaches aren’t your thing, you could always go to Llandudno and walk along the promenade either, there’s so many options for things to do in Colwyn Bay.

You don’t have to worry about having to always go to the beach to let your dog get some exercise either, as often these cottages come with gardens too, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the dog messing up the house if you don’t fancy going for a walk along the beach when your dog needs to get out. On top of this, many of these cottages are geared up for pets, meaning that they have tile, laminate or wood floors so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting sand and muddy paw prints all over the carpets – it’s just one less thing to worry about on your holiday.

Perhaps self-catering accommodation in a dog friendly holiday park is for you?

If a holiday cottage doesn’t sound like the thing for you, though, there are plenty of other options for where you can stay, one of these being staying in a holiday park. There are a few of these dotted around Colwyn Bay, and although they aren’t right on the coast, they still have plenty to offer in order to make your holiday special. Holiday parks are often set in the countryside which makes them absolutely perfect for dog walkers and getting back to nature. They mean that your dog won't be cooped up in a small caravan or tent for the whole holiday, and often offer a cheaper alternative to a coastal cottage too.

It isn’t just the dogs you have to keep happy on holiday, though, you need to keep the kids happy too. Holiday parks are a great way of doing this, providing the kids with activities and things to do, all while being in the safety of the holiday park, meaning that you can relax without having to worry if your kids are bored or in any danger – it’s also a brilliant way to make sure they put down their phones and tablets and actually go and do things too! Staying in a caravan can help to make your holiday memorable and is much more exciting for children than you may expect!

If you’re staying in a coastal holiday cottage or holiday park in Colwyn Bay,  you may be able to hire a pet sitting service to come and visit your pet depending on the site or cottage. This works out cheaper than opting to put your pet in kennels back at home and is perfect for if you want to go out on a day trip as it ensures that your dog is well looked after and you don’t have to worry about them when you are out as lots of parks and cottages do not like pets being left unattended. It’s thinking a little outside of the box, but it’s a great option to have if you’re wanting to take your pet away with you.

These are only two of the holiday options in Colwyn Bay, but you can be assured that if you opt for a holiday here, you’ll never be short of things to do. With beautiful natural scenery, Colwyn bay is perfect for dog walking and letting your pets run around and enjoy their freedom, alongside offering plenty to do for the other members of the family too. If you’re wanting to stay in pet-friendly accommodation in Colwyn Bay, you’re guaranteed to be able to find the perfect accommodation for you, your family and your pets to make sure that you all have the best holiday that you can.

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