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Pet friendly holiday lets in Cornwall

Cornwall is brilliant for self-catering holidays with dogs

petfriendly holiday lets in cornwall

We all look forward to a break from the hustle and bustle of life and what better way to relax than in a quaint little cottage on the English Riviera, Cornwall with your dog at your side. Think about it…no more spending a fortune on expensive kennel fees. No more having to rely upon family or friends to take the lead whilst you are away. When the emphasis is on recharging the batteries, the last thing you want to do is spend your entire time away worrying about your four-legged friend. A self-catering holiday allows you to rest-up whilst your dog lies belly up beside you. No doubt he will be dreaming of the great adventures ahead of him. No cottage holiday is complete without the pitter patter of doggy feet. If you love your dog so much that leaving him behind would be equivalent to leaving your son or daughter behind, take a self-catering holiday and bring him with you. After all, dogs are pack animals, so they will naturally want to be right by your side wherever you go. Coverack beach is shown above.

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petfriendly holiday lets cornwallSo Doggone cute… both the cottage and your pet

Your cottage will be your base for the duration of your stay. Here you will have complete and utter flexibility to come and go as you please. Cornwall is the perfect spot for both man and beast as it is very dog friendly. If you fancy a pub lunch, you will quickly spot one of the many signs which welcomes dogs. So sit down and enjoy a meal without having to leave your four-legged friend alone. You will feel very welcomed as you blend in with the community.

There are thousands of dogs welcome country cottages scattered throughout Cornwall. This charming thatched cottage is in the coastal Cornish village of Cadgwith which has a collection of beautiful thatched dwellings.

And if your cottage proves to be a little too cosy for you to venture outside, those cute little eyes begging for ‘walkies’ will certainly get you up and onto those pins, as you head for a breath-taking sprint to the top of a cliff.  There are superb walks along the cliff paths around Land's End and the Lizard, the views are tremendous but care would have to be taken with dogs because of steep falls. Alternatively, you could find yourself heading through an enchanted forest or simply strolling along the beach. Many Cornish beaches are unspoilt and almost empty of people - perfect for exercising dogs.

With doggie in tow, you may end up discovering more than you imagined! He will lead you around some remote spots which you may otherwise have missed. In fact, you may find yourself wondering who took who for a walk! No doubt, you will certainly get that tail wagging!  With so many exciting new sounds, new things to see and new smells to smell, your dog will perform some hilarious antics for you along the way. This will provide a great opportunity to add some precious memories to the photo album. Think of all those lovely photos you can take when your dog bounds through ocean waves, sends spray flying as he charges through rock pools and sends seagulls on their way when they want to share your fish and chips with you!

Then, after a full day exploring you can head back to your veritable haven of peace and tranquillity. Wander along tranquil Cornish lanes as the sun begins to set. Meander past wild flowers, feel your heart beat to the song of a babbling brook as you walk upon the cobblestones leading to your front door. Glance up into the sky and notice how the star’s twinkle and wink at you from above. Here, the simplest pleasures mean a lot…the wild flowers, the cattle, the windblown trees, the thunderous roar of the surf beating against the rocks, the beach, the hedgerows…even the lopsided branches which point inland. Fill your mind, body and spirit with the essence of Cornwall. Then as you snuggle into a warm, cosy chair by a blazing fire, you can smile fondly as your pooch slumps contentedly into the lapping shores of dreamland…listen as he lullabies you to sleep with a sea of deep, deep snores…

dogs self-catering holiday in cornwall

Self-catering holidays are a God-send for people who holiday alone as they allow you to bring your trusted friend with you...what better travel companion could you wish for? Plus, your whole trip will feel a lot safer knowing that you have your own little furry security guard by your side. Sadly, no matter where we travel in the world, there will always be a risk of losing our valuable possessions to the hands of a thief. With your dog by your side, a pick-pocket may not be lead into temptation. The fear of receiving some brisk barks and a sharp nip on the arm may be all it takes to stop you from encountering an unpleasant experience. So with doggy by your side, you have that extra pair of eyes looking out for you. Alternatively, if you have small children, home is where the dog is, so bring their fur-vourite friend along and you could actually stop those little minds from feeling homesick and help them to settle into their new environment.

A self-catering holiday in Cornwall…It’s highly paus…ible!

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